Intersanity Enterprises is a Virginia-based technology and publishing company that specializes in web development and consulting, e-book publishing, and custom web solutions. In addition, we are working on a number of other projects, including No-Nonsense Weather and Commit.

We have been involved in a number of web and software projects over the years, including small utility applications like SpeakAssist for Apple macOS, the popular No-Nonsense Weather app for Palm WebOS, and the Gallery Shortcode Style to Head WordPress plugin.

Our Evolution

Scott Bradford founded Intersanity Enterprises in 1998 in Bedford, Virginia. Originally named Pyx Enterprises, the company served as a sort of ‘parent company’ for Scott’s work under a number of different brands and names–including JDyne Technologies, Incarnations Software, Eeltank, OSB Music Publishing, and more.

Around the same time, Scott purchased to serve as the home for his own personal web site. In 2000, Scott’s site moved elsewhere and became the home of the renamed Intersanity Enterprises, which would be a technology company managed independently from Scott’s other endeavors.

Since then, we have focused-in on Internet and software projects, including WordPress development, mobile applications, and more.

We started as Pyx Enterprises, became Intersanity Enterprises and then Intersanity Enterprises Group and then IEG before finally settling back on Intersanity Enterprises.

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