No-Nonsense Weather


No-Nonsense Weather

We aren’t interested in showing you a bunch of pretty pictures, blog posts, and ads. No, we know that you want the weather…and just the weather. You want all the important information you can get about the current conditions, warnings, and forecast, but you don’t want any of the ancillary fluff.

No-Nonsense Weather is a clean and concise web application that displays the current weather conditions, active watches and warnings, and the seven-day forecast. You can also quickly and easily access a text forecast for each day and evening in the forecast, and your local Doppler radar. Although it is ad-supported, we strive to make sure that the ads never get in the way of the information you need.

Current Status

Version 0.9.7 is currently available at

You can visit the development site at, which syncs hourly with our code repository. It may have big, obvious problems, and it may even stop working from time-to-time. But it will also get new features before the stable site does.

Comments & Bugs

If you experience any bugs or problems with No-Nonsense Weather, or if you have comments and feature requests, please contact us at If you prefer, you can also sign up for the Intersanity bug tracker and submit a bug directly into our system.

Release Notes and Version History

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