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Commit is the advanced modern typewriter.

It’s a text editor that is designed to keep you focused on writing (and discourage editing and review). Your current working paragraph is editable, but after it’s committed, it’s done. Move on.

When you’re done writing, you can export your text to a number of popular word processing formats for the editing and revision process.

The current beta release is available for Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Mobile versions are in the works for the major phone and tablet platforms.

For more information, visit the product information page.

No-Nonsense Weather

Building upon the success of the No-Nonsense Weather application for the defunct Palm WebOS (see below), the No-Nonsense Weather web application is located at

We are also beginning work on a new and improved version with apps for the major mobile platforms.

For more information, visit the product information page.

Legacy Software Projects

Intersanity Enterprises (sometimes operating as Incarnations Software or Scott Bradford) has produced or contributed to a number of software projects over the years. These applications are now in an unsupported ‘legacy’ state. Some of these applications are made available for download from our legacy software directory. Once again, these applications are no longer supported by Intersanity Enterprises, are not offered with any warranty whatsoever, and may cause your computer or device to burst into flames.

Gallery Shortcode Style to Head (WordPress Plugin)

There was a bug in the WordPress gallery code that caused any WordPress posts with a gallery to fail XHTML code validation (which we eventually opened as bug #10734). The issue was that WordPress’s gallery code was inserting style tags in the page body, which was not permitted in HTML 4 or XHTML 1. Matt Marz of developed a plugin to resolve this issue by moving those style tags up into the HTML header where they belong.

Well, Scott Bradford found a bug in the plugin and contacted the author, who unexpectedly replied by offering to hand the plugin over to him for future development. Intersanity Enterprises (as ‘achmafooma’) was the exclusive developer of the plugin from version 1.2 (released September 20, 2009) onward, which included a major revision in 2010 that introduced the ability to disable the WordPress default gallery styles entirely, or override them with your own CSS right in the WordPress administration screens.

With widespread adoption of HTML 5 (which permits placing style tags in the body), the plugin is no longer necessary, except perhaps on sites that are still using HTML 4 or XHTML 1 templates. It remains available on the WordPress plugin site, and critical bug-fixes are still being made as needed, but no major updates are planned at this time.

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No-Nonsense Weather for Palm WebOS


No-Nonsense Weather was one of the premiere weather apps on the Palm WebOS platform. It provided a five-day forecast, weather alerts for your location, and the local doppler radar. Unlike most other weather apps, it was simple and to-the-point. The app used U.S. National Weather Service data sources on the back-end, which was comprehensive and reliable, but only provided data within the United States (so the app was not offered for download outside of the U.S.).

It was developed using the Palm Mojo and jQuery frameworks and was licensed under the GNU-GPL 2.0 license. The app was still relatively early in development (with a lot of great features in the planning stage)…and then Hewlett-Packard bought Palm and promptly sent WebOS to the dustbin of mobile operating system history. It was a darn shame. WebOS was really, really great. We still miss it sometimes.

The last version released by Intersanity (as Scott Bradford) was 0.6.0, made available on September 25, 2010. We pulled it from the WebOS app market on August 31, 2011. After our support ended, the code got picked up by Jonathan Dale and launched as Clear Weather 0.7.0 with added support for the last round of WebOS devices.

SpeakAssist for Mac OS X


Inspired by a case of laryngitis, Intersanity Enterprises (under the name Incarnations Software) produced a small application for Apple’s Mac OS X (PPC) that harnessed the system’s built-in text-to-speech features in a simple, fast interface. All you needed to do was type what you wanted to say and press return (or click the ‘speak’ button). It could use any of the voices included with OS X, and allowed you to adjust the speaking rate as desired.

Other Stuff

These are our best-known legacy apps, but there were several others, including a semi-useful Random String Generator, a US/Metric conversion app, and some really goofy stuff like the Monkey Installer. Most of it is still sitting up in our legacy software directory, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll work…especially since most were Mac apps, and most were compiled long ago in the PowerPC era.

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