Announcing ‘Commit’ Beta 2 Release

December 19, 2023, 11:26 pm

Intersanity Enterprises is proud to announce the second beta release of Commit, a text processor that is designed to make you write. It is completely useless as an editor, and that’s on-purpose. You can only edit the last paragraph of your work. When you finish, you press “enter” and the paragraph is committed. You can’t edit it anymore. Move on. Write the next paragraph.

Commit is currently available as a beta release. Although it is not known to have any serious bugs, it has not been fully tested and is not yet suitable for production use. Please report any bugs to or via the Intersanity bug tracker.

This Commit beta release is available for Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Work also continues on a mobile version for the major phone and tablet platforms.

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