No-Nonsense Weather Reborn as Web Application

August 25, 2014, 10:56 am

Intersanity Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of No-Nonsense Weather, a beta release of a new weather application on the web. Inspired by our success with the No-Nonsense Weather application on the defunct Palm WebOS mobile operating system, the new No-Nonsense Weather brings the same simple, clean, effective conditions, weather forecasts, and watches and warnings to anybody with a web browser.

At this time, No-Nonsense Weather only supports locations in the United States, but we are planning to add international support in a subsequent public beta release.

Please note that this is a beta application, meaning that it has a number of known bugs, and probably a number of unknown ones. Please report any issues to Intersanity Enterprises using the feedback form on the site, or by filing bugs in the Intersanity bug tracker.

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